|| About Broaden

Broaden is a business collective and online directory for women-owned businesses across the state of New Hampshire. Based out of Concord, NH, the online directory will feature businesses from across the state. In addition to an online directory and business listing options, the Broaden Collective will serve as a community for female businesses and entrepreneurs through both online and local meet-ups.

Our Journey

Back in March, in honor of International Women’s Day, I decided to create a postcard featuring female owned businesses in my community as a way to give back to the women who have inspired me and helped my business get off the ground. Since sharing this initial idea with other female business owners and entrepreneurs, I’ve connected with over 50 women-owned businesses in the community, and the list keeps growing. Broaden represents a personal and professional goal to shed light on and showcase all of the strong female leaders and change-makers who contribute to our local economy and provide amazing products and services to the people of New Hampshire.

Why 'Broaden'? ||

We don’t need to be called ‘babes’ to be bosses. I chose ‘Broaden’ as play on the word broad, or woman, but also to tie in the idea of expanding our community. Broaden is a refined, smart and approachable take on the trendy ‘#girlboss’ ‘#bossbabe’ ‘#ladyboss’ tags associated with the women empowered movement, that can appeal to women of all ages and stages of life.

Concord Female Owned Businesses