When women support each other, incredible things happen.

~Michelle Obama

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join an online directory?

While this directory is still in its early beta stages, the long-term goal is to build an online platform in which visitors can search for female-owned businesses by location, trade, or keywords, and find the right resource for their needs. What does this means for you? More traffic to your website, and more customers in your door!

Do you have different kinds of memberships?

Right now we’re focused on building the online directory, but in the future the goal is to have different membership options based on your business goals! Stay tuned!

What if I co-own my business?

That’s awesome that you co-own – starting a business is hard enough, and if you have a partner by your side, that’s great! At this time we encourage women who co-own a business with a male counterpart to still sign up. That being said, transparency is key – let us know what percent of the business you own, that way we can keep track of this for the future.

The one exception – if you run the business, but aren’t at least part owner, join our email list instead and get involved in other ways!

I saw your postcard map! Why wasn't my business on it and how do I get on the next edition??

The first edition of the map was simply that, a first edition. Those who replied to the social media post, and completed the form, got on the postcard! In the future, online directory members and subscribers will be informed before the next edition is made!


Why should I identify my business as woman-owned

First off, being woman-owned is something to be proud of! In addition, research shows that women are more likely to shop at and buy products from women-owned businesses or corporations that support women-owned businesses. Why NOT tap into that audience?!

Beyond that, being part of a community of female-owned businesses opens a ton of doors for connection, cross-promotion and collaboration that can help bring your business to the next level.

Is it free to join?

YES! To have a basic listing on the online directory is free at this time. As the directory grows and the site gains traffic, upgraded listings and membership features will be made available as part of a monthly subscription.

Are there any restrictions on the types of businesses can join Broaden?

Broaden’s directory is designed to showcase New Hampshire based, womxn-owned businesses, and will also serve as an incredible resource for anyone who visits the site.

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